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Protest – Ethiopian Student Massacre

The Oromo Community in British Columbia is deeply saddened by the massacre of our school kids under the Ethiopian regime. Unfortunately the Canadian government provides significant economic support to this murderous regime in Ethiopia.

In light of this fresh massacre and abysmal human rights track record of the regime, our community would like to appeal to you to:

1. Condemn the Mindless killins of innocent Oromo students and farmers in Ethiopia;
2. Urge your Member of Parliament (MP) to work with Canadian government to exert pressure on the Ethiopian regime to immediately stop its murderous campaign against Oromo students and farmers;
3. Through your MP demand independent investigations into the killings of Oromo students to bring the culprits to justice;

We trust that you will consider our appeal and contribute your part to stop the killings of defenseless students and stop the displacement and land expropriation from poor farmers under the disguise of Addis Ababa City Integrated Master Plan.

Since April 28, 2014, Oromo students in Universities, Colleges and Secondary Schools involving 12 institutions across the Oromia region of Ethiopia have been peacefully demonstrating against the regime’s recently unveiled “Addid Ababa City Integrated Master Plan”. Within one week more than 50 Oromo University students have been confirmed to have been murdered by Ethiopian government security forces in their campuses in Ambo, Haromaya, Mada-walabu and Naqamte Universities. Recent estimates put the number of students massacred at 76, injured 300 and over 2000 students rounded up and incarcerated in unknown locations.


Ahmed Gelcha
The Oromo Community in British Columbia

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Oromo Community in British Columbia

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