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Irreechaa – Oromo Thanksgiving Celebration

The Oromo nation is one of the indigenous peoples of East Africa. Throughout long history it has developed its own culture, identity, religious cult and ritual performances. Irrecha means literally worshiping and praying to the Waaqa (Creator).

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Irreecha Oromo “Thanksgiving” festival, Australia 2013

(A4O, 30 September 2013) Irreecha is Oromia’s festive thanksgiving ceremony. Oromo people gather together at riverbanks and thank the Creator for past rains and ask for sustained weather and crops, for children to grow, for the sick to heal and for fraternity to prevail among human beings.

Great Speech: If the Oromo goes down, all humanity goes down.

(A4O, 4 July 2013) An African-American Inspirational Speaker at the OSA 2013 Annual Conference says If the Oromo goes down, all humanity goes down.

According  the Video source from the OromoPress, the African American attendee drops the inspirational that knocks every Oromo doors.

He added that “the Oromo people, the holder of the Gadaa system, stand up and be firm!You have revolutionaries, you have leaders and we are united with you!”

He says humanity is with the Oromo, “Oromo, Stand Up and Be Firm.”

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