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Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) broadcasts Oromia Insight program

Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) broadcasts Oromia Insight program every Monday for 15 minutes at 7:15 PM Oromia local time. This week Soreti Kadir,the host of Oromia Insight, talks with Afaan Publication founder, Toltu Tufa.

You can find more information about Afaan publication on
Oromo Voice Radio broadcasts to Oromia on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays at 7:00 PM local time at 16 MB or 17850 kHz. Oromo Voice Radio is operated by Madda Walaabuu Media Foundation.


ORTO fires eighteen Oromo journalists

(A4O, 26 June 2014) ORTO journalist are falsely being accused of providing information to diaspora news organizations like VOA, DW, Seif, Eri-tv(Oromo), Oromo Voice Radio and the newly inaugurated Oromia Media Network (OMN).

According to our sources, 18* Oromo journalists of Oromia Radio and Television Organization (ORTO) have been fired since  June 25, 2014. The journalists say they received no prior notice and learned of their fate this morning when security prevented them from entering the station’s compound located in Adama.

Members of the management informed the journalists that they cannot help them as decision terminate their employment and the list of names came from the federal government. This firing follows a 20 day re-indoctrination seminar given to journalists and reporters of the ORTO and workers of the region’s communication bureau.

Main agenda’s for the seminar were the ongoing #OromoProtestsand the upcoming election. Speakers at the seminar included Bereket Simon, Waldu Yemasel ( Director of Fana broadcasting), Abreham Nuguse Woldehana and Zelalem Jemaneh.

Name and department/ assigned role of the 18 journalists fired from Oromia Radio & Television Organization Department of Technology & Development

1. Tilahun Megersa – reporter for the ORTO website Newsroom

2. Bira Legesse- Afaan Oromo anchor

3.Bekele Atoma- Afan Oromo and English Reporter

4. Hamza Hussien- Afan Oromo & English report

5. Dereje Gonfa- Afan Oromo Reporter

6. Adis Tegegn- Amharic

7.Lisanewok Moges- Afan Oromo and Amharic news producer

8.Marga Hangasu- Sport program producer

9. Obse Kassahun- Afan Oromo Anchor Entertainment

10. Ayana Chimdesa- ‘Gola Oromiyaa’ program producer

11. Abdi Gada- youth program producer

12. Yusuf Warqisa- Oromo language, culture & tourism presenter

13.Abdisa Fufa- Documentary program producers

14.Ezekeil Argaw- Entertainment producer Educational programming department

15. Kababo Ibsa- Producer

16. Olansa Wakumsa- educational programs producer

17. Zeleke Oljira- Producer/ presenter of ‘ Hello Doctor’ program

18. Bosona Dheressa-Editor and program producer

* updated on 27 June 2014

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