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Temam Ababulgun’s license is susbended

(Advocacy4oromia, 10 July 2015) Ministry of Justice has suspended Temam Ababulgun’s license to practice law, citing ethical grounds.

Temam Ababulgu

Temam Ababulgu

A statement from the Ministry indicated that a disciplinary committee of federal lawyers and prosecutors has been investigating allegations of ethical misconduct by the lawyer in question.

Based on the findings of the committee, the Ministry exercised Proclamation 192/92’s Article 24 (2 & 3) to suspend the lawyer from practicing law for a year and seven months.

However, many suspect that Temam Ababbulgu’s license is suspended for political reasons.

In a country where most lawyers serve the regime as puppet judges and prosecutors and those in private practice avoid taking ‘political’ cases, Tamam was one of the very few who braved to stand out defending political prisoners.

Consequently he has been subject of constant threat, harassment and even physical assault.

When such attack failed to scare him into leaving the country or stop defending political prisoners, the regime is forced act openly and officially suspending his license.


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