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The Oromo Community in Melbourne celebrated Irreechaa

(http://nivekgnoel.tumblr.com/) The Oromo Community in Melbourne celebrated Irreechaa last Sunday on the 4th of Oct 2015.


Irreechaa is branched into two seasons, Irreechaa Arfaasaa and Irreechaa Birraa. The former celebrates the end of the dry season on the top of a hill or mountain while the latter celebrates the end of the wet season at a lake, river or sea.

5Traditionally the day is celebrated by the Oromo people every year and it is a form of thanks giving to Waaqa (God) for helping them pass from the darkness of winter to the bright and blooming season of Spring.

During the ceremony, people of all ages carry a bundle of fresh grass and dip it in a lake, river or sea. The grass represents life, fertility and prosperity. The lake represents life and the calm beauty of nature.

Irreechaa has been observed by the Oromo people for more than 6400 years and here in Melbourne, it is not something that is religious-orientated or to diminish other religions, but an event to celebrate togetherness and joy with people from all walks of life.

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Source: http://nivekgnoel.tumblr.com/post/130662281248/oromo-irreechaa-2015
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