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(Advocacy for Oromia) Advocacy for Oromia expresses its deep concern about the missing of Oromo Argaa-dhageettii founder, Abbaa Dabbasaa Guyyoo.

Abbaa Liiban Dabbasaa Guyyoo was disappeared on September 27, 2015 after he returned from the Irreechaa holiday celebration in Nairobi, Kenya. Despite the efforts to locate his whereabouts, Abbaa Liiban Dabbasaa Guyyoo is missing until now.

It is suspected that Abbaa Dabbasaa Guyyoo has been subjected to enforced disappearance.

Advocacy for Oromia urges the authorities of Kenya to immediately mobilize the police forces to locate his whereabouts.


4415According to our sources from the date of his missing, no one is able to obtain any information as to the fate of this great Oromo philosopher and Oromo wisdom keeper.

Advocacy for Oromia learnt that his absence fills the whole family and Oromo community with the worst fears.

Advocacy for Oromia appeals to all Oromo community in the world, governments, parliaments, the United Nations, the International human rights watch, NGOs and all those who uphold the principles of human rights and justice to help discover the fate of this notable Oromo wisdom keeper and ensure his safety.

For more full details: A4O Missing Person 2015



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