The Fundamental Solution to Ethiopian Politics – New Approach

[VOL – October 08,2020] The current political crisis in Ethiopia, specially, that of Oromia, are not only meant to make Oromia war and insecure zone; rather, driving Ethiopia to irreversible misery. Oromia Regional State is under the State of Emergency. Because of the failure to timely solve political crisis, the former government structure is already broken down. Currently, there is no elected administrative organ expected to solve problems of the people. There is nowhere the people go and complains for solution even when: killed, robbed and their property are destructed. If this continues, the worse would follow. In addition, we hope that operation of various forces contributed for Dissolution of Oromia, and further aggravated not to come out of those chaos. Finally, this will inevitably mislead our way.

It is crystal clear that the dissolution of Oromia will not only bring troubles to the Oromo people, besides, it will bring continuous sufferings to the Citizens of Oromia. No one could deny the fact that massive troubles are coming towards every individual, family and Ethiopia as a country. Thus, in order to bring about a sustainable peace and security, looking for an immediate resolution and systematic way out is very much needed.

Oromos and the Citizens of Oromia have many things in common. They share same country, lifestyle, political problems, culture as well economic system, for so long period of time. Specially, it is known that we have struggled and have been struggling the with the problems brought by the political culture of Ethiopia, from generation to generation. This also shows the strong relationships the Oromo people has with other Peoples of Ethiopia.

As we have went through many struggles, again these days, we believe that it is time for Oromos and Citizens of Oromia to Unite and establish our Transitional Government in common; and thereby alienate from our problems, and fulfill our common and personal interests.

Ethiopian People in general should bear your responsibilities in stabilizing the Oromia region. By doing so, you wouldn’t only rescue your citizens residing in Oromia; rather, it would help us in fundametalizing what we have, as a country.

Dissolution of Oromia brings enormous happenings. It shall not only be problems of the Oromos and Citizens of Oromia, rather, we should consider that it will be problem of Ethiopia and that of the Horn of Africa in general. Therefore, immediately establishing Oromia National Transitional Government, is found decisive. What we have to understand here is that: The objective of establishing a Transitional Government is not to dissolve the country; besides, we would like to confirm to the Peoples of Ethiopia, Countries of the Horn of Africa and African Countries, as well, the United Nations, that it is aimed at solving the challenges to dissolve the country, and rescue the Country and Horn of Africa from the potential threats.

In history, Oromo has never dissolved, rather, it has built the Country. Oromo has never thought only for himself, and it has been shade for the other Nations and Nationalities. This shall be evident that the Nations and Nationalities settled in Oromia than other regions of the County. As a result, we shall confidently say that Oromia is Model of Ethiopia, where Nations and Nationalities reside. Establishment of the Transitional Government shall be important in securing those nations and nationalities residing in Oromia; and thereby strengthen their Unity and Cohabitation.

We again affirm that this Transitional Government, has an intent of strengthening the history and culture of the People which were already built. Besides, has no aim to dissolve the country. We want to drive the relationship of the Oromos and Citizens of Oromia to better level, and let it based on love and mutually building the country. We hope that this will be base for the sustainable peace of the rest regions of Ethiopia.

In this journey, OLF hereby send its message to Oromo and Citizens of Oromia, solve their daily problems together. This message of ours for the wider Oromo and Citizens of Oromia, and the planned Transitional Government shall be the first in history, and it is a stage in which government of the people, by the people and for the people shall be built and facilitate conditions for the same.

We are striving to make sure our future bright, in which every person shall have a determinant vote. Our objective and intent is to change the Partisan Political Culture of Ethiopia, and substituting the same, by the inclusive government made up of the entire citizens of Oromia, elected by the People and for the People.

OLF has no interest to make its political policy be burden on others, however, tries its best to hearing various entities and building common administration, in such a way that shall be good for the entire citizens. For the attainment of the same, we hereby express that: with the Citizens of Oromia, we will create a basic environment conducive from the very beginning to final. We hope this will bring about sustainable peace and stability.

If we change the political culture of Ethiopia, and build a stabilized, inclusive, impartial and all serving government in Oromia, every one shall predict what our country will looks like in a short period. If a government based on the equality of the citizens and interest of the people; if there shall be a clear interest and foreign relations of the country; if independency of the judiciary ensured; ìf the Peace keeping and the National Defense shall not loose own stand under the order of the ruling party; if the government shall be held responsible for their wrong doings; if human rights (individually and collectively) respected; we believe that our country shall be a place where its citizens lead a respectful and happy life.

When there shall be peace and stability, and if the Nations and Nationalities show their sense of belongingness about their country and government, it will not be difficult to bring development and prosperity. Our country is full of resources and attracts global investment. However, when the country lacks peace and stability, even operating investors leave. In order to enable domestic and foreign investors, to invest in the country without any threat and alienate our country from begging; if and only if, there is peace and stabilized government.

Youths and Skilled labour shall get employment opportunity and engage in building the country, only if there shall be peace and stabilized government. Citizens shall move from place to place and administer their families. Individual and collective properties shall get secured. Our children will learn or work peacefully. Love and Cooperation flourishes in our people, than hate and fighting. Using this, we will again build our culture of helping and encouraging each other.

Finally, the current political crisis of our country is very complex. Solving the complex problems under the rotten and outdated political culture became impossible. Although it was repeatedly tried, many lives were lost and enormous properties were destructed; it was unsuccessful. We shall only overcome these problems if and only if we come together, discuss and pace the way.

For time being, we should together build a Transitional Government of Oromia, that shall be basis of peace for other governments and regions. This shall also be a stage where we contribute our share and express our interest. On top of this, we shall solve the current problems related with peace and stability, if we come together and discuss, and establish the Transitional Government of Oromia interpret and succeed with the said Transitional Government, OLF again ensures that it has been working having deployed with full force. We also affirm that we are ready than ever to receive opinion of the public and concerned bodies, and make it for the best interest of the people. OLF reassures to you that, it will openly work with you, on the process of establishment and implementation of the National Transitional Government of Oromia.

Eventually, I would like to extend my Esteems Respect for the Citizens of Oromia and other Nations and Nationalities lost their lives in the last fifty years, for Democracy, Human Rights and Equality of the Nations and Nationalities. Specially, I hereby bestow our Eternal Respect for our Freedom Fighters who have helped us, to see this.

As well, I would like to extend my respect to Peace Keepers, who fought and lost their lives in protecting the people, standing with the people and bringing about peace.

In addition, I admire and respect the Addis Ababa Peace Keeping Police Forces (shortly: Addis Ababa Police), those who have kept human rights and dignities, as well, carried out their responsibilities lawfully, in a difficult political situation, leaving their family and life aside, and keeping peace day and night. Again, I bestow my deepest thank to those who stood with us individually, collectively and as institution, that you have encouraged us to further developour commitment and reach this level.

Since our statement of invitation for the establishment of the National Transitional Government of Oromia, those of the following, who stood with us, lined up with us and striving for the attainment of the same, are bestowed with esteemed thanks:

1. Honorable Citizens of Oromia who have accepted the invitation and stood with us

2. Political parties, specially, our partner OFC

3. Leaders of the OLF in and outside countries

4. Officials of OLF in and outside countries

5. Qeerro National Youth Movement for Freedom and Liberation 6. Oromo Supporters and Community

7. The Oromo Scholars and Professional Group

8. Oromo Global Forum

9. Leaders of different religions, who became voice of our people and transferred the invitation

10. Global Oromia Journalist Association

11. Global 39 Movement Support Group

12. Committee of Members and Supporters of OLF, working on getting Political Prisoners of Citizens of Oromia released

13. Those who were not mentioned

Thanks for listening.

Victory to the Mass

Dawud Ibsa Chairperson of the Oromo Liberation Front

October 8, 2020

Finfinne (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Political crisis can only be resolved through a political process.

Global Oromia Journalists Association

8 October 2020

(A4O, 8 October 2020) Global Oromia Journalists Association, GOJA, is a non-profit organization that provides a networking and resource forum for journalists of Oromia and Diaspora would like support the call of the major Oromo political parties, OLF and OFC, who have a majority number of supporters, for a transitional government in Oromia.

At this critical time the Global Oromia Journalists Association is observing five major contradictory processes have started to emerge in Ethiopia and Oromia.

Firstly, the decomposition of the Ethiopian colonial system and its institutional infrastructures such as the nafxanya government and other institutions.

Secondly, the emergence of progressive forces that are determined to establish a true multinational democracy in the context of federation or confederation, which guarantees national self-determination.

Thirdly, Oromia has become the hotspot of the emerging political contestation between the old and dying forces on one hand and the new and energized political and social movements on the other.

Fourthly, Abiy’s security infrastructure has detained most of the known OLF leadership to make it a marionette of PP or to simply destroy it.

Lastly, working to avoid the looming state collapse and the possible emergence of an empire-wide conflict and war will lead to a peaceful transition. Failure to wrap up this chapter of our struggle in a way it ensures our freedom and liberty will have huge consequences for our future.

The Global Oromia Journalists Association believe that mass media are regarded as one of the key democratic institutions vital in facilitating the process of democratisation, and peace-building. At this critical time, media can play an instrumental role in preventing the danger of state collapse and the total breakdown of the empire resulting in unimaginable human tragedy. At this critical time, journalists can play a vital role in supporting peaceful transition through critical reporting issues that matter.

The global powers should learn from the consequences of ignoring the national crises in Somalia, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Ruanda, etc. Early intervention in the impending crisis in Ethiopia can save millions of human lives, and can avert enormous refugee crisis and human misery of the local populations, and can also save humanitarian aid costs to international organizations and governments.

Therefore, Global Oromia Journalists Association calls upon all Oromo media residing in different parts of the world to support the call for a transitional government in Oromia. Our collaboration and support at this crucial time will lead to a peaceful transition paving the way to our nation freedom.

We believe that any political crisis can only be resolved through a political process. Thus, the proposal of establishing an all-inclusive transitional government is crucial, and it will require the support of all peace-loving entities.

With best regards,

Global Oromia Journalists Association

8 October 2020

A collective effort and responsibility of Oromummaa: Oromo’s role in executing the Oromia Transitional Government

October 4, 2020

Madda Walaabuu Press: OROMO AND OROMIA

It has been over two years since Dr. Abiy Ahmed became the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Abiy came to power after the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), the party that has dominated the Ethiopian politics for almost three decades, was toppled by the struggle of the Oromo people, visibly by the Oromo Youth Movement also known as Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo. When TPLF was forced to give up power and Dr. Abiy Ahmed took over the premiership, many, including the Oromo people, were optimistic that the Ethiopian Government will transition into a democratic state where citizens of all nations and nationalities will eventually be treated equally and with respect and dignity. Most welcomed this change with open arms, for they believed this would bring the much-needed changes including ending inequality, injustice, and human rights violations. Therefore, Abiy’s premiership position was to transition the country into an all-inclusive democratic political system. With believes, multiple opposition parties have also participated in the nation’s political realm.

Unfortunately, Abiy’s Government has been doing quite the contrary to his assignment and took an unexpected turn transitioning the country towards lawlessness, turmoil and complete lack of peace and stability. Abiy’s failure to uphold his promise and responsibilities led the country to where we are today, unstable and on the verge of collapsing. The political, economic and social crises in the country, particularly in Oromia, is at its worst juncture. Although Oromia has been under tight military command post rule for over two years, since the death of the prominent Oromo singer Hacaaluu Hundeessaa, the grip of the military and security forces and the extents of oppression on the Oromo people worsened. Military and security forces indiscriminately crackdown on innocent civilians, political dissent, activities, journalist and prominent Oromo community and religious leaders have intensified like never before. As we speak, hundreds of thousands of Oromo prisoners, including Oromo opposition party leaders, executive members, Oromo journalists, and civilians are suffering behind bars. Most of these detainees, especially the civilians, have not been brought to court or charged with any crime. Though the Abiy Government publicly condemned his predecessor, the TPLF, for terrorizing the Oromo people, he has been doing exactly the same since he became the Prime Minister.

A country should only be governed by a civilian government elected through fair and free election, not by a fully armed military. Command post should only be implemented temporarily in a valid state of emergency circumstances or during a time of war to ensure the safety and wellbeing of civilians. Therefore, in the current situation, the citizens of Oromia and other nations and nationalities do have a sovereign right to request and facilitate a transitional government in Oromia as well as at Federal level.
According to the Ethiopian constitution, Abiy’s Government was supposed to hold a national election in May 2020. However, with a pretext of the COVID-19 pandemic, the national election was postponed indefinitely. Using COVID-19 as a reason, when in fact the number was not significantly high, to postpone an election is not a valid reason. According to the constitution, the legal term of Mr. Abiy government ends on October 5, 2020 and as of today, no announcement is made about the next steps. As a result, while we get closer to the end date of the term, uncertainty and anxiety are particularly rising in Oromia. At the same time, the government continues its propaganda and exclusion of Oromo political opponents, such as the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which have a significant number of supporters, from key political dialogues.

Regardless of the political exclusion, intimidation and imprisonment of its high-ranking officials, the OLF has released a press statement detailing what should be done to thwart the current constitutional crises in the country. In this press statement (click here to read the details), released on September 13, 2020, OLF laid out solutions focused approach for the current crises and called for the international communities, governments, AU, EU and the UN to put utmost pressure on the Abiy’s government to implement the resolution. We, the undersigned Human Rights Advocates, human rights organizations, and civic institutes also genuinely believe that the political solution OLF puts forward, which is also supported by Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), would resolve the current political crises in the country.
Since, for the past two years, the Oromo people were illegally deprived of their rights to elect their leaders democratically. We believe, as also stated in the Charter of the United Nations, the Oromo people have the right to self-determination. Therefore, to form a transitional government for Oromia is a matter of human rights, to stabilize the country and facilitate proper policies, institutions and to ultimately provide the citizens the rights to elect their own government and provide a better run nation.

We, the undersigned human rights organizations, support the call of the major Oromo political parties, OLF and OFC, who have a majority number of supporters, for a transitional government in Oromia. A political crisis can only be resolved through a political process. Therefore, to ensure peace, security and order in the region, we believe that establishing an all-inclusive transitional government is crucial, and it will require the support of all peace-loving entities. A government attempts to quash the formation of this transitional government in Oromia will be unproductive, and therefore, we call for the Abiy government to refrain from such endeavors.
We would also like to call for all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to support the OLF’s call to peacefully resolve these crises in Oromia and beyond. A peace in Oromia ensures peace in our neighbor’s state, and the vice versa. We are currently at a very critical juncture. Failure to wrap up this chapter of our struggle in a way it ensures our freedom and liberty will have huge consequences for our future. Therefore, we, the undersigned Oromo human rights organizations and civic institutes call upon the Oromo people residing in different parts of the world to support the call for a transitional government in Oromia. Your collaboration and support at this crucial time will lead to a peaceful transition paving the way to our freedom.

With these notions that all Oromos should play our part (Oromummaa), we invite and encourage everyone who is concerned about the well-being and safety of the Oromo people and the stability of Oromia to participate according to their capabilities and interest. When the current government becomes void or illegitimate as of October 5th, 2020, we should understand the fact that there will not be an official government in Oromia. Therefore, we the Oromo communities, civic and Oromo human rights organizations and elites in the diaspora should not simply sit back and watch when Oromia falls in disarray and becomes a lawless country. It is our moral and Oromummaa obligation to step up and play our roles in assisting the establishment of a peaceful transitional government called by OLF and OFC paving the way to a democratic, fair and free election. This will be realized only through our collective efforts and assuming our due responsibilities of Oromummaa.

Thus, we pledge to contribute our part according to our own mandate, and we also call for all Oromo organizations, whether political or non-political, to do the same.

Justice for All

  1. Advocacy for Oromia
  2. Global Oromo Advocacy Group
  3. Horn of Africa Genocide Watch
  4. International Oromo Women’s Organization
  5. International Qeerroo Support Group
  6. Oromo Parliamentarians Council
  7. Oromo Political Prisoners Association
  8. Oromia Support Group – Australia
  9. United Oromo Christian Church of Australia