“Independence is a natural way of being!”

“Independence is a natural way of being!”, says, the apologetic younger generation of Oromia.

The energetic, highly educated, self-respecting, self-confident, very assertive, young and smart Oromo generation is fully determined to be independent by destroying all shackles of colonialism, and the psychology of bondage to Abyssinian/Ethiopian Empire.

Their weekly program, a podcast aims to educate the inferior Oromos, who internalized colonial oppression, and enlighten the world public at large.

We are very much proud of the new generation, and thank the parents who brought them up, teaching them “Independence is a natural way of being” – the way we are created – free from any external subjugation.

Here, please, listen to the weekly podcasts, from ‘Free Oromia Team’: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1447450

OROMIA: OSG Releases its 53 Reports on Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia

Interview with Dr Trevor Trueman, OSG chairman, regarding OHRG Conference 2020

OHRG, a recently set Human Rights group, has organised a two-days public conference to be held on October 24 & 25, 2020.

The theme of the Forum will be “Human Right Crisis in Transition”.