We are driven by our values; they define who we are. Respect, Identity, Integrity, dedication, innovation, and equality underpins our work with both individuals and organisations and we look to deliver all of our services with these values in mind. We also highly value the independence, resourcefulness and flexibility of the voluntary, community sector and are committed to supporting and developing services that truly benefit our communities. development_culture1

  • Respect: Advocacy for Oromia must be carried out respecting the dignity and humanity of the advocacy partner.
  • Identity: Advocacy for Oromia recognises that Culture is a complex and changing mix of beliefs, customs, morals, laws and past experience. It provides a background by which individuals live, and a set of explanations to use in interpreting the world.
  • Equality: Advocacy relationships are equal in value and avoid disempowering and hierarchical relationships developing
  • Self Awareness: Advocates acknowledge their own culture and values with an understanding of how identity is central to ourselves and others
  • Person centred: Advocates encourage their partners to define their own ethnicity and culture within the wider context of their immediate situation, and allows them to identify their advocacy issues in their own terms.
  • Stereotyping: Advocacy for Oromia avoids “labelling” their partners by focusing on a single aspect of their identity and recognises that identity is subject to change over time.
  • Social Networks: Advocacy for Oromia recognises the value of taking into account social networks in order to empower both an individual and a community.



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