Youth Service

Advocacy for Oromia’s youth service refers is an intensive engagement of young people in organized activity that contributes to the family, local and national community. Our Youth service program called Raabaa program provides programs for young people from 12-25 who are facing difficulties with bullying, violence, family breakdown, poor school attendance, alcohol and other drug use, homelessness or the risk of homelessness and other crises.

The Youth Service tries to assist young people to re-establish family relationships, connect with support services, learn to value themselves and maximise their capabilities in every area of their lives.

Currently, we have Youth Well-being Matters project that aims to assist the youth well-being in doing something with their career that holds true meaning for them, hoping that they will be more satisfied, much more motivated and will be much more likely to succeed. The project will address the considerable number of African youth who are unemployed or not undertaking study and struggling to integrate in Australian multicultural society.

The project proposes to educate African youth about Australian values, rights and responsibilities through seminars, workshops, trips and other activities. The forums will discuss current legal issues affecting the youth and also provide with information on how to access help. The forum will also assist the youth to develop preventative strategy in-order to avoid getting into trouble with the law. This project includes young people accessing appropriate programs in areas such as emotional and physical well-being support and to connect with parents about sexual development and healthy relationships.

Youth Career Program

This program is a youth activity for young people aged 14-25.

Through the program participants will learn about work readiness: carreer planning, resume writing, job interview practices and learning what services are available to them.

The program will be held weekly on Saturday from 4:30 -6pm, beginning August 23.

If you are interested you can register for as many sessions as you like.



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