A Guide to Call and Inform your MP

Oromo Advocacy Alliance (OAA has prepared a phone script template for calling your Congress members. Please see the attached document, which can be used to call and inform your Congressmembers (your Representative in the House and your two Senators) and to make specific asks.

In the attached script template, you will see that there are three different scripts. The first script can be used by anyone, the second script can be used by people who have family there, and the third script is just what you can use to set up a zoom meeting with the office to directly inform the congressmember’s office. In my view, direct meetings are more effective than only making a phone call, and it gives you and your community an opportunity to establish a relationship with the congressmember’s office, which you can use in the future for more advocacy for our community. 

At the very least, please do make a phone call and ask your friends and family to do so as well. But I also recommend that community leaders and organizations try to set up a meeting by zoom with the congressmember’s office to communicate directly what is happening in Oromia and Ethiopia and our asks.

Please also share this resource with other community organizations and members too. 

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