Press Release: Cracking down on Oromo Protesters

1 May 2014

(Urgent Statement): Cracking down on Peaceful Protesters in Oromia, East Africa.

Advocacy for Oromia (AFO) is a non-profit advocacy organisation working to ensure that the Oromo people’s rights and wishes are respected. It is with deep concern that Advocacy for Oromia learned of the horrendous and brutal acts of killings and human rights violations by the Ethiopian government security forces against peaceful public protesters and innocent university, high school and elementary students in Oromia.  It is heartbreaking not only to hear the deaths of Oromo students in different parts of Oromia but also the murders are committing these crimes without any impunity.

In different districts of the region including Jimma, Mattu, Dambi Dollo, Gimbi,  Nakemte, Shambu, Ambo, Finfinne, Sabbata, Adama, Dire Dawa, Robe and Bule Hora where students and the public went out on the street to claim their constitutional right, the government responded with bullets and beatings and dozens are reported dead.  As one of Oromo journalist says on the live recording of Ambo Massacre of 30th  of April 2014 may be it is for the first time when the government forces are raining bullets on the people who carry the dead bodies of their kids in their home town in a very senseless manner. We have short of words to expresses our sadness to hear such terrifying and repulsive news.

Advocacy for Oromia has learned about several killings and beatings by the notorious security and military force known as Agazi and there are reported disappearances and other inhuman and degrading acts carried by the regime.  Our organisation also expresses its deep concern that the government of Ethiopia continue to diminish its own citizens by extra-judicial killings and dispossession of indigenous people from their heritages and lands.

Advocacy for Oromia strongly condemns the widespread and systematic killings, torture and violations of human rights of every citizen particularly the ongoing killings and discrimination against the Oromo people should come to an end. The security forces involved must also be subjected to internal investigations for the breach of laws and the use of disproportionate forces.

AFO further requests the government to refrain from its long-held tradition of killing and discriminating against the Oromo people and all other people. These acts are contrary to the international legal obligations of Ethiopia.

Advocacy for Oromia

PDF Format: Advocacy for Oromia Press Release on Cracking down of Oromo Students Protests


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