Tough moments always call for tougher measures

14956519_10153947747946821_4753912689657524891_nBy Yaadasaa Badhaasaa Kutuu*

Folks it’s clear the oppression and suffering of our people back in Oromia has completely changed its phase from from the traditional one by one extrajudicial killings to a complete ethnic cleansing phase. We have seen and always lived with low scale killings here and there under this dictatorship regime. But now it’s different it’s entirely different phase, the game is transformed in to an Ethnic cleansing on general Oromo and particularly the youth who are at the risk of extermination.

Yes we know the country is under marshal law and hell command post, but my concern is not what Tigre has transformed itself to, but rather what our peepers was for this is and what different we are doing to stop or reduce this craziness. There is no one to take a blame, we all are in the same boat, but I am really afraid that we are failing to measure up to what is expected of us.
We all agree Wayane is out to exterminate our youth, but near and far we all feel our hands are tied extremely frustrated by what we hear and see about our people. This is a uniquely dangerous moment for our people and it requires tougher and harder measures to reduce not The same shit the same shit….

This is a unique situation. It calls for extraordinary thinking and new measures. Not the same thinking and same measure anymore. We need to dig deeper and push the wall and take more risks and try to discover and unearth a new way that can balance and deter this extreme risk of extermination.
We will all regret if we keep quite and expect a miracle to happen or hope one person or one group to have all the to this heavy moment. We need to act before it’s too late and stop this madness that is eating up Oromo. This can only be stopped through extra ordinary determination and commitment that we didn’t see before. It requires brain storming and honest discussion between the people and our prolific parties to come up with Original and fresh ideas that can be used to rescue our people. One quality leadership is finding a solution or mobilising people to look for one when needed. Show us your leadership and people are ready to join hands.

One big reality is Oromo revolution has shocked the Tigre holding it by its neck. Tigree then called each other drow board to come up with to quell our national self emancipation struggle, and came up with the police of ethnic cleansing to frustrate our people in to submission. They didn’t wast time calling meetings here and there they acted so fast. Mind you this is a force of occupation and illegal group, but United as one on looting and plundering. Are we doing much to stop them, I boldly say no. Much of it is blamed on lack of strategic operation location everyone has thousands of excuses to tell why we are not doing nothing. But mind you most solutions were sought and discovered after problems.

The amount of energy and initiation to look for solution has to match the level of danger we are in as a nation.Tough moments always call for tougher measures. Albert Anstien said, “You can’t expect different result, by doing the same thing over and over and over again.”  “Badiisa hamaa keessa jira, walgahii fi TV fi radio irraa bookkisuu qofaan Ajjeechaa Hamaa fi sukkanneessaa Tigreen Oromo irraan gahaa jirtu dhaabu hin dandeenyu.” Let stop fake and superficial solutions and start looking for real answers. Adios!

*Yaadasaa Badhaasaa Kutuu is an Oromo activist who regularly defending the rights of Oromo and other nations on social media and various channels. He can be reached at Yaadasaa Badhaasaa Kutuu

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