By Djemaol H. (April 5, 2016)

Firstly, let me make my position crystal clear why I decided to write on this issue. I am not allied to any political organization nor am I interested to address any party, ruler, or government in relation to this writing. I see myself as an independent writer who begins a modicum of advocacy on behalf of Oromia and Oromo People, and I would be more than willing to perform this for my country, Oromia.
I am perplexed and flabbergasted by the contents of the strong warning against the Oromo’s protest. The Puppet Prime Minster declared “The government will be forced to take strong measures against those instigating chaos in different parts of Oromia”. I am disappointed by the egregious negligence and exclusion of the Oromo People, the ultimate force who play a pivotal role in determining the fate of Ethiopia. The warning completely ignores the greatness of Oromo and Oromia. The warning does not reflect anything regarding the reality on the ground in Oromia and it is, by and large, a rehash of apocalyptic scenario that we have come across over and over again. I would not mind if the warning is sincerely, especially if their rationale is substantiated with verifiable evidence. What the Prime Minister has said is a cliché of late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. Adding insult to injury!!!
I have come across to find out that Mr. Hail-Yelewum-gin-DesAlew turned himself, deliberately, into irrational robot obsessed with “Oromo People” and “the collapse of Oromia”. He governs on autopilot, following the vision and templates Meles left behind. In effect, Zenawi is ruling from the grave. Mr. Hail-Yelewum look like deer caught in the headlights. He called Millions of the Oromo people who are protesting and who are demanding for freedom and enquiring equality, anti-peace forces. He also called on the public to stand alongside the government to maintain efforts of development. Is he calling the public to willingly robbed, imprisoned and killed? What does he mean to stand alongside the government? Because we meant to know that the government is robbing its people imprisoning its people and killing them too. So which government was he talking about?
He mentioned the loss of life and destruction of government, public and religious institutions as well as infrastructures. The question is who did these all?? The public???????
Al Jazeera reported, In February, as rally was turned violent. The report indicates Nagase Arasa(Oromo), 15, and her eight-year-old brother Elias were shot in their legs while a demonstration happened near their home.” I was in the back yard walking to the house when I was shot,” Nagase told Al Jazeera. “My brother was in the house. I couldn’t walk I was bleeding. Then I was hit again when I was on the ground I felt the pain then my brother came to help me and he was shot too. “Abi and Dereje’s mother was among those shot in January. She was hit by a bullet in the neck. Despite receiving medical treatment, she died of her wounds in March. The little girl cries and keeps asking where her mother is. We feel her pain,” said the children’s grandfather Kena Turi, a farmer. The older one cried when his mother was shot and died, but now it seems he understands she’s gone.” “Many of those people were killed after the protests took place many of the people were shot in the back some were shot in the head, which shows that these people were not armed,”…/ethiopia-oromo-people-demand-equ… These are few, among many, heart breaking news all over Oromia.
Correspondingly, the illiterate information minister says “With regards to allegations from human rights groups or self-styled human rights protectors, the numbers they come with, the stories they often paint, are mostly plucked out thin air,” Getachew Reda, the information minister, told Al Jazeera.
For the uninitiated, uninformed, and people with low political acumen, the story told by Getachew may sound up-to-date and reliable. For people who have been following Oromia in some depth, however, the central message of the narration is abundantly clear that it is in fact gleaned from his masters that have been around for quite some time. However, repetitive lies cannot bury the truth!!!
The TPLF regime has marginalized the Oromo people in the past twenty five years to install an economy beset by endemic and unbridled corruption and that is controlled by embezzlers. The country’s rulers have perfected the culture of begging and dependency and are now appealing for a $1.4 billion to feed the 10.2 million drought victims even though they engage in the business of leasing fertile land to foreign investors who export everything they grow. Drought does not have to lead to hunger and famine, if a government plans for it. Poor governments can store grain when there is good harvest in preparation for such emergencies. Theft from state enterprises and participation in the black market, including widespread graft is all too common.
It is this grim reality, at odds with a spurious and embellishing narrative, that has prompted and underpins the ongoing protests of the Oromo people. In the event, a hysterical campaign to externalize the cause and blame innocent Oromo people and opposition parties cannot suppress the truth. The current uprising is a culmination of systematic injustice perpetrated against the Oromo. The legacy of dictatorship, from Menelik II, Haile Selassie, Mengistu Hailemariam to Meles Zenawi, and TPLF( the puppet Hail-Yelewum-gin-DesAlew) is grabbing its result at the end. Oromia Shall Be Free!!!!!

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