Aanolee Massacre as a creative fire to light the Orommummaa flame

Aanolee Monument erected in 2014

Aanolee Massacre is Real. It took place on 6 September 1886, in which Emperor Menelik II’s army massacred 11,000 Arsi Oromo in one day, cutting women’s breasts and men’s hands, in Hixxoosaa, Arsi, Oromia.

Since that time, Oromo continue to live under occupation – oppressed, exploited, and dehumanized. Although the name “empire” has been removed from the constitution, Ethiopia remains an empire. And the relation of Oromia to Ethiopia is still colonial.

The current Ethiopian government and other Abyssinians forces are using the mantra of Ethiopian unity or one Ethiopia (Ethiopian empire in disguise) to protect ill-gotten gains and privileges enjoyed at the expense of our people.

The Oromo people are expected to fight hard to end this tyranny. The Aanolee Monument erected in 2014 is one of the great achievements of the Oromo people’s struggle.

Of course, the Aanolee massacre is the past history of our nation.

However, there is no guarantee that the Anole massacre will not happen again. The only guarantee to prevent for the Anole massacre to happen again is to fight for our freedom.

We must use Aanolee Massacre as source of passion and creative fire to light the Orommummaa flame in each and every Oromo soul in order to re-dedicate and re-strengthen our resolve to free ourselves from the colonial yoke, once and for all.

It would be appropriate to commemorate Anole’s story every year.

Let’s make Aanolee Memorial Day (6 September 1886) realty.

Oromia Shall Be Free!!

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