The root cause of the current incident and the tragic consequence

“…the Oromo remember three issues. The first is the Constitution of 1995. The law which was supposed to be made and the interest of Oromia which should be respected is not defined clearly and is not implemented. 300 hundred Oromo students were expelled from the university for one year after the controversy which took place in 2003/4 over the decision of to move the capital of Oromia from Addis Ababa to Adaamaa.

The OPDO/EPRDF changed its mind as the result of the 2005 election and returned the Capital of Oromia to Addis
Ababa. Not only that, it was then promised that a big central Oromo cultural near will be erected near the main train station (Lagahar). Other cultural centers would be built in the 10 districts of Addis Ababa. There will be schools in the 10 districts where Oromo language would be taught and where lessons will be given in Oromo language for those who want it. Nine years have passed since and nothing from the decisions and promises were implemented.

In the mean time Addis Ababa has been expanding unabated and thousands of Oromo farmers have been evicted from  the suburbs and the surrounding small towns. It is thus these historical memories and the promises unfulfilled which made the Oromo furious when the Addis Ababa “Integrated Master Plan” news became public. Here lies the root cause of the current incident and the tragic consequence.”

Full article  The root cause of the current incident and the tragic consequence



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