In the process of dreaming, the people will have the opportunity to weigh the voices rather than becoming caught up with counting votes or bullets. They will be able to wade through the cult of personalities, family histories, and release themselves from shackles of colonial patriotism. They will now be ready for commitment to a single direction in which the society must move. This phase will culminate in people combining their voices in a clear statement of their desired direction. There is no single “way” or process for a people’s expression of the commitment. In fact, over time, the commitment will become so clear that a formal process merely becomes a pro forma expression of the people’s will.

It can be difficult to distinguish between an early termination of the dreaming phase from the start of the commitment phase. In Oromo, we hear the call for  Oromo convention- Kaayyoo Oromo to create a founding document of the Oromian nation.  All such calls for a process must be carefully scrutinized and questioned as to whether these calls are consistent with the desire to allow the full process of decolonization to take place or to cut the dreaming short and force a premature resolution of historical injustices, thus limiting the losses of those whose interests are threatened in the decolonization process.

Several organizations claim they individually represent the Oromian Nation. They have gone forward and formed their organizational structure, put in place their national leaders, and now proceed to speak for the nation. They try to be first in the action phase. Such elitists substitutes for a quick solutions for the decolonization process deprives the people a participatory role in the formation of their own social order.



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