Organisation’s Achievements (2014-15)

Advocacy for Oromia is a volunteers advocacy group first established in 2009 to advocate for the Oromo causes to bring about beneficial outcomes in which the Oromo people, both in diaspora and in Oromia, able to resolve to their issues and concerns to control over their lives. It has been offering support for Oromo people who are seeking resolutions to any issues that are of concern to them, by ensuring that their voice is heard and that they understand their civil and human rights.

As a membership based organisation and membership is open to all Oromos, and friends of Oromia who supports the status of A4O, it is willing to participate in the implementation of its mission and goals. Since its conceived idea, it is encouraged to undertake leadership and management courses provided internally as professional development and externally, by various organisations. This encouragement has assisted in delivering better services to our community in various activities.

The executive committee will hold a monthly meeting with to discuss past matters and upcoming events and requirements. The inclusive nature of the Oromo is prevalent throughout community leadership, the current management committee is comprised of three females and two males which is an indicator that the community is engaging and practicing changes and developments occurring in the wider community. From registering the organisation to creating website is also an effective internal tasks that have been carried out this year.

Currently, the website provides valuable information for members of the community by providing information that focus on the major issues facing the community in the 21st century and it is going to try and bring a balanced approach with factual information that is positive and solution based. In 2014, we successfully organised the Oromo Thanksgiving Day and Human Rights for Oromia in Melbourne.

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