Core Principle of Nation Building

“We, the citizens of Oromians, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of age, sex, region or religion, to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve peace, prosperity and progress for our Oromo nation.”

FIVE Nation Building Principles

History shows that people can improve the world by bringing diverse citizens together to work on common purposes and problems. This has been the world experience with nation-building, when it has worked best. We, Oromo, need serious nation-building at home and abroad today.

We remain optimistic that our Qubee generations are poised to become another generation of nation-builders based on the following five principles:

Ummta-People: Nation-building is about people. Large forces do not move history. People move history.

Kaayyoo-Purpose: Small beginnings must serve larger purposes. Generations must see the value in what they’re doing.

Amna Dheeraa-Long Process: Nation-building is a process which does not produce clear, quick results.It is a gradual process that produce strong nation in a long walk to nation- building.

Furmaata-Solution-focused: Leadership must start small, addressing basic problems.

Hirmaannaa-Participation: Nation-building always requires participation; there must be communication between people on the ground and people in distant for common purposes.

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