The Advocacy for Oromia Appeal

14581439_197445164024810_6583465229878295698_nThe TPLF/EPRDF regime is massacring and terrorizing the Oromo people all over Oromia, including children, the elderly, and women. Right now, the regime is intensifying its violence and its institutions are denying medical and other services for those who have been shot, mutilated and seriously injured by the Agazi, the regime’s security forces.  And every day, Oromo victims of the regime are revealing to the world what is happening to them through videos and pictures shared through social media. Video evidence reveals that the regime is using live ammunition, tear gas, helicopter gunships, armored cars, and snipers to terrify and kill Oromo.
Thousands of Oromo are also suffering in prisons and secret concentration camps. Oromo individuals who have been released from these prisons and concentration camps have revealed that Oromo prisoners are brutally tortured, castrated, blinded, incapacitated, killed, and infected with HIV in various prisons and concentration camps. And hundreds of prisoners are perishing due to the lack of adequate food, clothing, healthcare and other essential services. Furthermore, the regime is also targeting Oromo mosques, churches and Galma (the house of Oromo indigenous religion) and terrorizing or killing hundreds of Oromo religious leaders.

Call for Action
doc3At this moment, the Oromo people are living in a war zone without access to effective humanitarian assistance or safe zones to retreat to. They are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance for shelter, food, medicine and other necessities for survival. Governments around the world are currently remaining silent about providing humanitarian aid for this crisis. At this historical time, Oromo victims of state violence have no one to assist them except us, citizens of the world.

It is our moral obligation and duty to become agents of humanitarian assistance for the Oromo of Oromia.

Advocacy for Oromia appeals to you to provide whatever you can to this humanitarian fund for Oromo victims in Oromia, who are paying the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, human dignity and justice.

Help spread the word!

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