An appeal letter from Cairo-based Oromo community

I am really sad today that serious security incident happened to Oromo refugees today in the evening of Thursday 6th June 2013. One of our friend was beaten seriously by a group of Egyptian youths and he was nearly killed if he was not saved by people.  He was beaten by chain, metal and stick as he also defended himself.  He was barely asked about his identity and nationality as Ethiopian.

I and other community members rushed to see after being called and saw that he had head injury and other injury on his body and realized that it was my friend who was working at UNHCR as interpreter. The situation was tense as more than 50-60 Oromos have gathered to respond to fight or calm the situation.

Later after finding that situation was hot, we dispersed them and told everyone to go home and keep at home until  the situation is calm. We took our friend to the police station to report but the other challenges was that the police men threaten us too, the policeman who was writing report aimed at myself as sign of shooting if possible for him, saying that we deserve to be killed, it was shock to me,we spent more than two hours asking for reports, one of the policeman refused to write down the report of incident, stating that his hand cannot do that.

We found it wrong time to explain ourselves, but after that we were referred to hospital to do some check up to our injured friend, in the hospital, we found the same issue, we are asked our nationality for record, we were told that you are going to divert our Nile and you pay more for hospital, we have to pay double amount of fees, we accepted topay double fee, accepting all this challenging issues, to see doctor was other problem,.. also while we were in the waiting place, Other Egyptian women asked our friend who beat him like this and what is our nationality.

The policeman who accompanied us told them that we are Ethiopian, and without feeling shy the woman told us ” you deserve it ” we find sign of bitterness on their faces at  about 2am.

We took our injured friend to his hope and advised other Oromos Ethiopian Identity holder to keep at home.

We have Executive community meeting tomorrow on Friday 7th June 2013 to discuss this urgent issue and how curb the situation from further deterioration. Sunday will be a painful demonstration in front of  UNHCR for Oromos in Egypt. We found it very shocking and

Request: 1- Oromo media to cover and spread the words  2- Oromo communities in diaspora to protest at the Egyptian embassies or counsel in the country they are in. 3-Oromo political parties or OSA to send letter to Egyptian government and embassies to take this opportunity to talk to them.

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