Dear Oromo friends and supporters,

Ebla 15 Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo 1

OLF symbol

OLF symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once a year, each of us has a chance to make a difference in the lives of our people and our freedom struggle. Advocacy for Oromia believes we all have a responsibility to our national cause and our community where we live and work. One of the ways we fulfill this responsibility is by celebrating our Oromo National Martyrs Day and festivals. This day allows us to remember those Oromo heroines and heroes who sacrificed their lives to restore Oromo culture, identity, and human dignity that were wounded by Ethiopian colonialism.

In other words, this Commemoration assists us to recognize the dialectical connection between martyrdom, bravery, patriotism and Oromummaa. Until Oromo heroes and heroines created the OLF and maintained it survival by paying ultimate sacrifices, Oromo peoplehood, culture, language, and history were dumped into the trashcan of Ethiopian history.

In commemorating the countless ‪Fallen and imprisoned Oromo nationalists for their ‪ultimate sacrifice. For the noble causes they strived to uphold: ‪Human Rights, Democracy and Justice.‪For they stood up to uphold their national pride, in defending and struggling for OROMIA AND OROMO’s fundamental right to self-determination. It is for such profound rights and objectives that those brave nationalists paid the ultimate price, their life.

Please join us in participating and investing in this year’s Advocacy for Oromia campaign for the upcoming Oromo Martyrs Day-April 15 celebration. Your participation is very appreciated in what really matters in our nation issues.


Advocacy for Oromia


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